COVID-19 Staging Option We hope you and yours are staying healthy during these unprecedented times. COVID-19 has disrupted most of our day-to-day lives and businesses and jobs. Real estate is no exception and selling your home presents a special set of concerns. In response, if you need to prepare your home for sale, we have an option that is affordable, safe and healthy and give you time to prepare when you are ready to list. Here at Eggleston Designs, we provide Virtual Staging Consultations. Everything is done online, without anyone coming into your home. All you need is your mobile phone or tablet to take some photos and video! Email your photo and video to Eggleston Designs (cheri@egglestondesigns.com) and we'll do the rest! You'll receive customized room-by-room blueprint recommendation to get you started and we'll work with you over the phone to make sure you are right on track.Contact us to get started! When you're ready to list, you'll be ready to go!